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Is this laptop worth your money?

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Realme Book Slim is the company’s first laptop that is making quite some noise right now and rightly so. The laptop brings an interesting mix of specifications, which is why the Realme Book Slim is not your regular laptop. The price of the laptop is also good. So, I took the Realme Book Slim for a spin to find good and bad things about it. I am happy to tell you that the former outweighs the latter, and that, I think, makes the Realme Book Slim a good buy.

In my review, I wrote about how the Realme Book Slim is one of the best laptops you can get for this price. Its display is unique at this price, its looks are amazing, and the performance is on par with what some other laptops at this price will get you. Realme Book Slim starts at Rs 46,999 for the SKU that comes with an Intel Core i3 processor. I will tell you more about the laptop but in five points. But if you want to read the expansive review, you can head here.

Point 1 – Right off the bat, the Realme Book Slim is one of the most attractive laptops I have seen at this price. The metallic Blue colour finish makes the laptop look premium even though it is quite affordable. The aluminium alloy body also makes the laptop sturdy. But even though I am all for this design, I have qualms about how dirty the laptop can get in a short time. Basically, the laptop requires some maintenance.

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Point 2 – Realme Book Slim has an impressive 14-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels. This is an amazing thing to have on a laptop because all your movies, shows, and games look great and crisp. The brightness of the screen is also very good, as I never faced an issue looking at my Twitter feed even with dark mode on. However, that is not the most interesting thing about this display. That is the 3:2 aspect ratio that makes the screen unusually taller than the regular ones. This saved me a lot of scrolling, but it also brings bigger black blocks when watching 16:9 shows and movies.

Point 3 – The base variant of the Realme Book Slim has an 11th Gen Intel Core i3 chipset. There is 8GB of RAM on the laptop and 128GB of internal storage. The RAM is enough for most tasks, such as opening as many as 14 tabs in Google Chrome. Gaming is, however, not a strong suit here, because when I played Psychonauts 2, I did not really enjoy it. The 8GB RAM is adequate but sometimes it may not feel enough when multiple apps are open.

Point 4 – The keyboard of the Realme Book Slim is one of the most convenient ones I have used in a while. The 1.3mm key-travel makes it perfect for typing my article almost as fast as I want. The speakers on the laptop are too loud, complimenting the watching experience that the display would already favour. The laptop’s ports are minimal, so some people may have to buy dongles.

Point 5 – Realme Book Slim is mostly good but there are a few gripes, too. One of them is battery life. A 100 per cent charged battery lasts about 5-6 hours, which is common for laptops but not on par with what the company suggested or what I expected it would offer. It would have been great had the battery been at least powerful enough to last 9 hours. There is a 65W charger that fills the battery in about 2 hours when you are using the laptop.

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Realme Book Slim review verdict

For Rs 46,999, the Realme Book Slim is a steal deal. Yes, there are some things that could have been better, but they are not too bad to spoil the goodness of the laptop. The 2K display is amazing and you would absolutely love working on it because of the keyboard’s effortless functionality.

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