April 14, 2024


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JioPhone Next runs on Pragati OS built on top of Android, likely to be available around Diwali

JioPhone Next, the all-new JioPhone from the house of Reliance is expected to be available around Diwali. The company has released a short video titled “Making of JioPhone Next” ahead of the commencement of the sale of the JioPhone Next that reveals details like the name of the OS – Pragati OS.

The new entry-level smartphone from Reliance is likely to be available around Diwali, which is on November 4. However, the company is yet to reveal the price or exact release date of the JioPhone Next. The JioPhone Next was initially expected to go on sale in September, though the chipset shortage pushed the release date to Diwali.

What is Pragati OS?

Pragati OS, Reliance has finally revealed the name of the OS that powers the JioPhone Next. The new OS built in partnership with Google will include a host of features that will cater to entry-level customers.

Reliance says that Pragati OS has been built specifically for India. “It has been engineered by best minds at Jio and Google with an objective to bring Pragati (progress) for all while offering truly seamless experience at affordable cost,” the company said in a statement on Monday.

Apart from releasing the short clip around the making of the JioPhone Next, the company also confirmed that a Qualcomm chipset powers the entry-level smartphone. However, the exact details of the chip haven’t been revealed yet.

JioPhone Next features

Some of the highlight features of the JioPhone Next will be Voice Assistant, which will let users open an app or even tweak settings. Notably, the Voice Assistant will work in multiple languages.

There’s also a Read Aloud feature that will let the phone read content on the screen and Translate, which will translate the screen content to the user’s preferred language.

Reliance has been highlighting camera features a lot on the JioPhone Next, as announced during the AGM. The JioPhone Next comes with camera features like Portrait mode, Night mode, and AR filters built in the camera app. In addition, JioPhone Next will also offer access to Google Play Store.

Lastly, the entry-level Android phone will support over-the-air updates and will likely offer a long battery life, as per Reliance.

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