July 24, 2024


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MONROE,La(KTVE/KARD)–Former state trooper Jacob Brown pleads not guilty in his excessive force case involving Aaron Bowman. Mr. Bowman and his attorney say they want justice.

In May of 2019 Aaron Bowman was involved in a routine traffic stop that ended with him suffering from a broken jaw, broken ribs, and a broken wrist. Video footage shows officer Jacob Brown hitting Mr. Bowman in the head with a flashlight multiple times during the stop. Two years later officer Jacob Brown is pleading not guilty to using excessive force during the traffic stop. Mr. Bowman says it disturbs him that Mr. Brown is still free and that he prays that he receives justice.

Aaron Bowman, “I still deal with it every day even just talking about it, you know it back tracks through my mind again about what happened. Just standing here talking about what they did with Jacob Brown today in court they suspended him, continue to let him out on the streets, it bothers me a lot, it hurts, and I just pray I get justice. “

Bowman’s attorney Donecia Banks Smiley, says she’s disappointed with the outcome, and that she and Bowman will continue to fight for justice.

Donecia Banks Smiley, “We’re outraged at what happened today, we’re upset and we’re demanding justice.”

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