December 2, 2023


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Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV concept previews pure electric opulence

One part Maybach, one part EQS.


While the Mercedes-Maybach EQS that debuted Sunday is technically a concept car, Mercedes-Benz makes no bones about this SUV’s production intent. The company calls this concept a “near-production one-off” and says it provides “a clear preview of the first fully electric series-production model” for Maybach. All I know is, it looks fancy-shmancy, and I like what I see.

Think of this SUV concept as one part Maybach GLS600 and one part Mercedes EQS sedan. The design definitely has EQ influences — note the sleek wraparound headlights and thin taillights — but the Maybach-ness shines through quite literally thanks to chrome-plated pinstripes in the grille and 24-inch dish wheels. (Mercedes uses the phrase “generously dimensioned” to describe these wheels, by the way.) The two-tone obsidian black and zircon red scheme looks like it’d be right at home on the current GLS600 and has a fine chrome stripe to divide the colors. You’ll find more chrome on the air intakes, side windows and B-pillars.

Yeah, that looks nice.


Like the EQS sedan, the SUV concept has automatic front and rear doors. The handles extend as you approach and then the doors open by themselves. Once inside, front passengers are met with comfy seats and Mercedes’ new Hyperscreen, with Maybach-specific displays.

Like any good Maybach, the rear seats are where it’s at. A floating center console has a storage area beneath for, as Mercedes suggests, “folding tables, a box of champagne flutes or a refrigerated compartment.” Like the current GLS600, two individual and fully adjustable seats provide plush accommodations, accented by rose gold trim and LED ambient lighting.

Despite the EQS SUV’s production intent, Mercedes isn’t divulging too much in the way of technical details. The company says the SUV is “based on the modular architecture for luxury- and executive-class electric vehicles” and that in addition to the Maybach EQS, there will be a standard EQS SUV, which will go into production next year. That one looks to be pretty fancy in its own right, too.

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