April 15, 2024


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Microsoft Announces ‘Madden NFL 22.’ ‘Total War: Warhammer III’ Among Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Good News for Xbox Game Pass subscribers! Microsoft announced that there are numerous titles to expect this month including “Madden NFL 22″ and “Total War: Warhammer III.”

Unfortunately, there are also some games leaving the Game Pass collection on Feb. 28. These include “Hypnospace Outlaw,” “Killer Queen Black,” “Stealth Inc 2,” and “Touhou Luna Nights.” 

On Mar. 1, “Titanfall” will also be leaving EA Play for Console and PC.  

Titles Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Month

Every month, Xbox brings additional titles to its growing Game Pass library, which could also vary from popular titles to brand-new day-one launches. The rolling out of new games happens twice a month, per Windows Central. 

The company has stayed true to its routine as it has just announced new titles that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass this month. 

The Xbox Game Pass offers a massive selection of games to pick from and with the new and upcoming additions, the selection is about to grow even more.

In addition, it also appears that Xbox is giving a greater emphasis on PC-only games since there are numerous titles coming to PC Game Pass.

For instance, Xbox Game Pass community lead Megan Spurr explained that they are wrapping up the month of February with some EA games and some PC games for those prefer to play on desktop than on gaming consoles. 

To further emphasize, Spurr detailed in the blog post all the anticipated games for this month, which include the following: 

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‘Mass Effect’ Legendary Edition (Cloud) EA Play – Feb. 15

Today, players can now play the “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” on EA Play with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta).

The “Legendary Edition” contains single-player base material as well as over 40 DLC sfrom the critically acclaimed “Mass Effect,” “Mass Effect 2,” and “Mass Effect 3” games.

These DLCs include promotional weapons, armors, and more.

‘Lawn Mowing Simulator’ (Xbox One) – Feb. 17

On Feb. 17, the “Lawn Mowing Simulator,” will be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Those who want to play on Xbox One should know that support for the console is on its way.

In “Lawn Mowing Simulator,” players will be able to take a vacation from the real world and relax while mowing the Great British countryside.

‘Madden NFL 22’ (Console and PC) – Feb. 17

Additionally, the “Madden NFL 22” will be available on PC Game Pass and Ultimate via EA Play on Feb. 17.

Players will be able to get recurring member benefits including Ultimate Team Packs and gear sets for The Yard, as well as a 10 percent discount on EA digital products like as games, Madden Points, and more.

‘Total War: Warhammer III’ (PC) – Feb. 17

Along with the release of “Lawn Mowing Simulator” and “Madden NFL 22,” Xbox Game Pass will also introduce “Total War: Warhammer III” and it will be available via the PC Game Pass.

The game allows players to gather the troops and enter the Realm of Chaos, which is a terrifying realm where the world’s fate will be determined.

Apart from these games, it is worth noting that the “Roboquest,” “Galactic Civilizations III,” “Super Mega Baseball 3,” and “Alice: Madness Returns” will also be available this month.

Titles Already Available on the Xbox Game Pass

For those who missed the other games released this month, the blog post noted that “Battlefield: Bad Company 2” is now available on PC gamers. Aside from this, players can also now play “Peggle Nights” on PC.

“Battlefield: Bad Company 2” is an action-packed single-player campaign and thrilling multiplayer combat that involves tanks, attack helicopters, armored personnel carriers, and many more. These vehicles may be used to damage enemies or even shield players in the game. 

Meanwhile, the “Peggle Nights” game allows players to shoot the orange pegs in 60 dreamscape levels. Once the player wins, they will be able to enjoy the Extreme Fever reward.

Players will also meet the Peggle Masters’ alter egos and wield 11 Magic Powers. They will also get to test their Peggle skills with 60 Grand Master challenges.

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