April 12, 2024


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Microsoft’s fall Surface event: the 7 biggest announcements

Microsoft just wrapped up its latest Surface event, and it was packed with news — including the redesigned Surface Pro 8, a camera-equipped Surface Duo 2, and even a new flagship laptop that puts a hinge behind the screen.

If you weren’t able to watch the show live, catch up with all of the biggest announcements from the event right here. And if you’re interested in buying any of the products, they’re all available for preorder Wednesday ahead of release on October 5th.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8, which has a new design.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 brings a big redesign to the popular Surface Pro line, with thinner bezels, a larger 13-inch touchscreen, two Thunderbolt 4 ports (meaning no more USB-A port), and more. It also supports the new Surface Slim Pen 2.

Check out the hinge behind the screen of the Surface Laptop Studio.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s newest flagship laptop is the Surface Laptop Studio, a powerful notebook that puts a hinge behind the middle of the screen so you can bring the screen forward to more easily touch or draw on it.

The new Surface Duo 2.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 adds many highly requested changes from the original, including support for 5G networks and a triple-lens camera system. There’s also a new Glance Bar that shows you things like the time and how much battery is left when the device is closed.

Microsoft’s Surface Slim Pen 2.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft announced a new stylus, the Surface Slim Pen 2, and it has built-in haptics designed to give you more tactile feedback while you’re using it.

The new Surface Go 3.
Image: Microsoft

The Surface Go 3, Microsoft’s low-end Surface, is getting updated with new Intel processors.

The box for Microsoft’s Surface Adaptive Kit.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s new Surface Adaptive Kit includes labels and port indicators you can apply to make your Surface easier to use, as well as opener tools to help you open the lid of a Surface device or pop out its kickstand.

Microsoft’s Ocean Plastic Mouse.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s new Ocean Plastic Mouse is made from 20 percent recycled ocean plastic and packaging that’s 100 percent recyclable.

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