December 8, 2023


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Miranda Devine: The Media’s Dismissal Of The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was A Deliberate Suppression Attempt

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on how the mainstream media intentionally dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story when it first broke in October of 2020.

In the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election, outlets such as CNN, The Washington Post and MSNBC attempted to frame the story as ‘Russian disinformation’. Last week however, The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the missing laptop. Miranda says reporters should have been investigating this matter 15 months ago.

“This is like a huge journalistic story. I don’t care if the story was about Donald Trump. I still would have wanted to run it because it’s a story about malfeasance at the very top, about a candidate who wants to be president. And you need to do your due diligence because that is your role as a journalist. You have this privileged position, the Fourth Estate. You have the First Amendment. You have this privilege that has been given to you by the Founding Fathers, and you are there to do the due diligence to the American people because of your access, and you don’t do it. That is just such a dereliction of duty at the very least. It certainly was election interference.”

Later, Professor of Business and Economics at The King’s College in Manhattan and Fox News contributor Brian Brenberg reacts to an op-ed from Bloomberg which claims Americans making less than $300,000 a year should eat less meat and more vegetables in order to deal with skyrocketing inflation.

Listen to the podcast to hear what else Miranda and Brian had to say!

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