May 27, 2024


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Need IT help? We found the most affordable tech support service around

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When they’re in working order, your personal electronics are indispensable. When they’re not, they’re hell on earth.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a television that won’t connect to WiFi, a tablet that freezes in the middle of a software update, a computer that runs so slowly you can barely send an email, and a printer that never cooperates when you need it most. Sound familiar?

These hair-pulling tech setbacks are more common than ever right now, as our devices have become our main conduit to communicate with work, school, family and friends due to the global pandemic. Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own IT professional on call for moments just like this?

But that kind of convenience would cost you about $70 to $80 an hour, according to online professional database Thumbtack. Depending on how often you require tech support for a household full of devices, that bill can get pretty steep.

A more sustainable solution is a tech support subscription service that covers your needs 24/7 for a monthly fee. Yahoo Plus Tech is currently the least expensive tech support subscription on the market, and it also happens to be one of the most comprehensive services out there. In fact, we’ve done the leg work to prove it in this price comparison:

Yahoo Plus Tech:

  • Price: $15 a month

  • What you get: 24/7 U.S.-based tech support, anywhere, anytime; Repair or replacement in the event of accidents or device malfunctions; Coverage for unlimited eligible devices (no smartphones) with one subscription and a single point of contact; No prior service plan is required.

AT&T Protect Advantage:

  • Price: $40 a month

  • What you get: Malfunction, ADH, loss, and theft coverage for phone, laptop, and tablet only, but service requires an having AT&T as your existing carrier.

Sprint Complete MyHome:

  • Price: $25 to $30 a month, varies by state

  • What you get: Malfunction and accidental damage coverage (no smartphones), 27 tech support, and no prior service plan is required.

DirectTV Protection Plan Premier:

  • Price: $25.98 a month

  • What you get: Malfunction and accidental damage coverage (no smartphones), 24/7 tech support, but service requires a prior service service plan with DirectTV.

Dish Protect Platinum:

  • Price: $24.99 a month

  • What you get: Malfunction coverage and no ADH (no smartphones), 24/7 tech support, but service requires a prior service service plan with Dish.

While many competing plans offer much of the same tech support features, most are pricier than Yahoo Plus Tech—and some are double the amount. Many other subscriptions require active accounts with the service providers or carriers, too—Yahoo Plus Tech removes that red tape completely.

Yahoo Plus Tech offers support across eligible devices for just $15 per month

If you could put a price tag on the luxury of no longer cursing under your breath as you fiddle with your remote control or reboot your computer for the fifth time, perhaps that price would be $15 a month.

That’s all it takes to ensure Yahoo Plus Tech will provide constant technical support for all of your devices. It offers the kind of services you’d expect from an extended warranty, but without an expiration date. That means the option to repair or replace an eligible device that’s damaged accidentally or breaks down on its own. It also means U.S.-based premium tech support 24/7—real, live humans who will listen to your questions and frustrations, then troubleshoot with you right over the phone. 

Yahoo Plus Tech doesn’t just provide tech services for computers—support is available for your smart TV, too. (Photo: Getty)

Yahoo Plus Tech is about the price of a premium streaming TV service, but instead of entertainment, it provides peace of mind. One subscription applies to an unlimited number of devices, from computers and tablets to things like headphones, printers, and yes, even TVs. 

Embrace technology—at last—with Yahoo Plus Tech

You may not be a digital native, but that should never get in the way of becoming completely comfortable using your own electronics. Why should you cringe every time you need to need to use your printer?

Your work-from-home office can be in good working order at all times with Yahoo Plus Tech. (Photo: Getty)

So invest in that personal “IT person” you always wish you had at your beck and call. He or she is always just a phone call away to solve any of your tech issues at any time, from anywhere, for a totally reasonable $15 a month. Coffee spills, corrupted files, an odd and unexplained sound—none of it is cause for panic with Yahoo Plus Tech. It’ll quickly become your favorite subscription service; one that will allow you to stop worrying about your devices, and start concentrating on what’s important to you.

Shop it: Yahoo Plus Tech, $15 a month,

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