April 17, 2024


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Nvidia expands EA games in GeForce Now roster



Nvidia and Electronic Arts move beyond the free-to-play Apex Legends with plans to bring more EA video games — both the Steam and Origin versions — to Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud-gaming service. Starting Thursday, the initial set of available titles is Battlefield 1 Revolution, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Unravel Two and Dragon Age: Inquisition, with promises of more to come. So we don’t get the freshest games in EA’s roster or any of its high-profile sports games, but, hey, baby steps.

Cloud-gaming services stream games from cloud servers to devices like phones and low-power laptops. Unlike services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and possibly Netflix’s upcoming offering, where your subscription pays for both the ability to stream and a library of games to choose from, GeForce Now streams games that you already own — provided Nvidia has the licensing rights to let you. You only have to pay for higher-priority access and more advanced features.

Despite GFN’s large collection of supported games — probably the largest of the crowd, and growing at what seems like a rapid pace — you still hit big publisher-sized holes like the aforementioned EA sports titles, as well as franchises from Microsoft and Sony like Halo. It’s also missing popular indie titles. Every time I think about jumping on GeForce Now the game I want to play isn’t available, with my most recent disappointment beingĀ Hades.

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