July 18, 2024


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Porsche 718 Boxster, Cayman to go fully electric, Mission R previews design, report says

Yeah, this is probably a good look at the new 718 range.


If you liked the Porsche Mission R concept, which is undeniably cool, there’s good news. According to a new report from Car and Driver on Wednesday, the concept previews an electric Porsche 718 range. In other words, the 718 Boxster and Cayman will go electric this decade, according to the report.

C/D cited sources outside and inside the brand, which said the 718 range should arrive with an electric powertrain in 2025. At the same time, the report said it there will be “more overlap” with the 911, but the differentiation will come with the powertrain, according to the report. This should open up the 911 to stick with an internal-combustion engine; the sports car may not even go the hybrid route as the 718 handles electric sports car duties. Porsche declined to comment.

Back to the Mission R ties, Porsche debuted the concept as a way to show motorsport still has a bright future, even if it’s battery-powered. However, the company also alluded to bringing something to life via the Mission R around 2025. That matches up with C/D’s intel. As for more evidence, the electric race car is Cayman-sized, the company told Roadshow at the car’s reveal in Germany. No one at Porsche would confirm it with us then, but we already bet this previewed the next 718. Tone down the aero bits, wild bumpers and slap on some production mirrors, and we’re likely looking at the next cars to wear the badge.

Even though there will be a hefty battery pack onboard, the report cites its sources declaring engineers target a weight under 3,650 pounds. And it should do 250 miles on a charge, though that’s the minimum, according to the report. We’ve got a few years to learn more, but if anyone can produce a stellar electric sports car, it should be Porsche.

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