January 29, 2023


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PUSET Icon Club Presents “Basic Design Concept & Tools”| Easy steps to get registered


PUSET Icon Club Presents Basic Design Concept & Tools Easy steps to get registered
PUSET Icon Club Presents “Basic Design Concept & Tools”

PUSET Icon Club Presents “Basic Design Concept & Tools”. The event is a 1-day workshop and is going to be hosted at the PUSET college premises.

The club is going to organize the direct interaction Program on 2078/12/16, Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

As we know, Design is a language that facilitates communication with the help of visual content. Designers combine typography and pictures within a format in order to create understanding and interaction. Design is also a way to represent creativity and intelligence. So, it is mandatory to know about the design concepts, strategies for good design, and principles of design composition. To know about these things, all you have to do is attend the event.

Mr. Mohammad Zakir Raza will be the guest for the event. He is the director at NeproMedia. Additionally, he is also Freelancer, Professional Designer, and WordPress Enthusiast.

About PUSET Icon Club:

The Club has been organizing different events since its establishment day. Previously, it organized a discussion sequel on Web 3.0, NFT, & Metaverse. Similarly, it has also held different web development sessions, and various tech-related workshops.

About the Event:

Title: “Basic Design Concept and Tools”

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Venue: PUSET College, Kanya Marg, Biratnagar, Nepal

For the event, TechPatro is the media partner, Eventsnp is Ticket Partner. Similarly, WordPress Biratnagar is the community partner.

Follow https://www.facebook.com/PUSETICON/ for more information.

Note: All the participants are requested to bring a laptop compulsory.

To Register, fill up the details here: https://bit.ly/38bbEF9


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