September 26, 2023


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RanbooLive’s streaming setup: Mouse, keyboard, and more

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ranboo Live (or Ranboo for short) is an American Youtuber and Twitch streamer known for his Minecraft content, collaborations, and secretive online persona.

Ranboo also happens to be a member of the Dream SMP: a private, whitelisted survival multiplayer Minecraft server played on by the Dream Team and their friends—a Minecraft ‘crew’ that’s as exclusive as it gets.

As part of Ranboo’s online persona—and to protect his privacy—Ranboo sports a black and white mask, sunglasses, and gloves. At the 5 million subscriber milestone, he (potentially) plans on a full face reveal. In July 2021, Ranboo opened up about his struggle with facial dysmorphia, a condition affecting his facial perception—the reason for covering up his appearance.

Naturally, fans of the popular and secretive Minecraft streamer are keen on his setup, which features a variety of high-end peripherals and hardware.

SteelSeries Arctic
Image: SteelSeries

Thanks to a wireless transmitter that doubles down as a battery charging station and paired with Bluetooth, Steelseries’ Arctic Pro Wireless is usable across PC, console, or mobile in an instant—great news for gamers playing across multiple systems.

The Arctic Pro’s are aesthetic, comfortable, and boast extended battery life for long gaming sessions. Lack of noise cancellation may deter some, but the over-ear design and top-notch sound quality make up for that. For gamers looking for a do-it-all headset, the Arctic Pro Wireless hits the mark—and look’s sleek in the process.

Shure SM7B
Image: Shure

The Shure SM7B strikes a note for die-hard recording enthusiasts. Reliable performance, top-tier build quality, and noise attenuating technology mean crystal-clear recordings, appealing to audio professionals.

For users dipping their toes into the world of studio-level recording, the Shure SM7B isn’t necessarily the target demographic. Coming in at a $400 price point, the Shure SM7B is aimed at vocalists, podcasters, streamers, and professional audio mixers looking to take their productions to the next level.

Image: Amazon

Thanks to an ultra-light, well-built, and honeycomb-pattern design, the Glorious Model O is a top-notch gaming mouse with ‘gamer’ written all over it. A total of six programmable buttons mean easily assigned macros for even the die-hard MMORPG players out there. The Glorious Model O comes in a wired and wireless version, so no problem for users aiming for a wired-free setup.

Performance hits the mark, too, allowing users to glide across their mousepad accurately, thanks to a maximum DPI of 12,000. Model O is a tad on the larger side, so gamers with smaller hands may elect to go with the smaller-sized Glorious Model O- version. Cool RGB appeals to users looking to incorporate more flair into their setup.


Entering 2022, and with next-gen GPUs on the near horizon, Nvidia currently boasts one of the most powerful cards on the market in the GeForce 3090. Capable of 8K gaming performance (which is no small feat), excellent 3D rendering and encoding performance result in a GPU that’s more than capable of running AAA titles effortlessly in ultra settings, albeit a high-end CPU and plenty of memory is highly recommended.

The GeForce 3090’s power can’t go unnoticed, easily triumphing previous-generation GPUs with ease. Lack of supply and heightened demand mean that if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a card like this that’s in-stock, it’ll be out of stock in no time until the situation improves—so, best to act quickly.

Image: Logitech

Coming in as of the most popular webcam’s utilized by streamers, the Logitech C920 is sleek, affordable, offers HD video, and comes in as an all-around webcam suited for work-from-home setups.

The C920 records and streams HD video at 1080p at 30 FPS, which is reasonable considering the webcam has an affordable price point of about $100. Although there’s a built-in microphone, it leaves much to be desired. It’s recommended to invest in an external microphone if voice quality is essential to your setup. Still, you’d be hard-pressed to find a webcam that checks off most boxes at such a value friendly price.

Image: Intel

A high-end GPU requires a high-end CPU. Intel’s ten-core, 20-thread Core i9-10900K is up for the task, thanks to speedy gaming performance that’s able to pair up nicely with beefy GPUs like the Nvidia GeForce 3090.

One pitfall of Intel’s i9 10900 is high power consumption resulting in high head output, which means lack of overclocking unless you have adequate cooling. Still, this processor posts impressive scores for gaming that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Corsair k100
Image: Corsair

Corsair delivers a high-quality gaming keyboard in their K100. Solid build, comfortable use, fan-favorite Cherry MX Speed switches, and low latency result in a keyboard aimed at gamers.

Corsair’s iCUE software allows users to easily customize the RGB backlighting and macros. Dedicated media keys and a volume control wheel are nicely placed, allowing easy access.

This board doesn’t come cheap, hovering around the $250 price mark. However, what you’re getting is a premium build quality, speedy performance, conveniently placed macro and media controls, all tied together in a neat package with cool RGB.

Cherry Keycaps
Image: Etsy

Investing in a set of custom keyboard keycaps is an excellent way to personalize your board exactly how you want it. Super 90’s by Skeletor Custom Cherry MX Keycaps features UV coated ABS keycaps aimed at durability and longevity.

Each keycap style features a unique keycap profile (the overall shape of the keys), which alter feel, ergonomics, and styling. Generally, the ideal keycap profile for gaming is Cherry profile, because they’re sculpted for efficency and comfort. However, personal preference is always ideal.

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