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Ridiculous God of War PC Mods Imagined By Fans

2018’s God of War will release on PC early next year, and fans are already anticipating the inevitable selection of strange mods to follow.

Multiple God of War fans have begun imagining the bizarre mods that PC gamers will create for the mythological adventure game. The PlayStation-exclusive action series once took protagonist Kratos across the world of Greek myth, but the 2018 installment brought the story into the Norse world instead. It was recently announced that God of War releases on PC in January, allowing a whole new audience to experience the emotional journey of Kratos and his son Atreus.

PlayStation boasts an impressive collection of very popular exclusive franchises including God of WarThe Last of UsMarvel’s Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima. These titles help to draw gamers towards Sony’s hardware and away from competitors like the Xbox Series X/S or Nintendo Switch. However, the publisher has slowly begun releasing console-exclusive titles on PC, opening them up to a much wider audience of gamers. Horizon Zero DawnDay’s Gone and Death Stranding are among the PlayStation exclusives that have been released on PC, and 2018’s God of War will join their ranks in January 2022. God of War on PC will boast upgrades such as 4K resolution, unlocked framerates, and NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology to improve its already impressive graphics.

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In anticipation of the game’s PC release, many God of War fans have begun imagining the bizarre mods that fans will inevitably create for the game. The images, which range from amusing to disturbing, have become popular on the game’s subreddit. User dawah9741 imagines a mod which switches out Kratos and Atreus for other popular PlayStation mascots, namely Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake and Ratchet & Clank‘s titular robot companion. Meanwhile, FreeAd6935 exchanges the father-son duo with the more intergalactic pair of Master Yoda and Grogu from the Star Wars franchise and, specifically, The Mandalorian. However, perhaps the most disturbing creation of all comes from Redditor ScoroScope. The fan simulates truly unsettling mods which superimpose the two protagonists’ faces onto each other, to horrifying effect.

God of War PC Hypothetical Terrible Mod

While the PlayStation brand has found great success through its lineup of exclusive titles, it seems as if more beloved games will be making their way onto PC in the future. In a recent interview, Head of PlayStation Jim Ryan commented on PC releases by explaining that his goal is to let games reach a wider audience. While console exclusivity can help sell consoles, the practice also bars a large percentage of gamers from ever purchasing those popular games. It therefore seems likely that PlayStation franchises will continue launching exclusively on those consoles, but will then make their way onto PC afterwards.

For PC gamers looking for a new journey to experience, the upcoming port of God of War is a godsend. The brutal and emotional adventure took PlayStation gamers by storm back in 2018, and its upcoming sequel God of War Ragnarök promises to finish out the journey with a bang. With enhanced visuals, and no doubt a large selection of strange mods, the PC release of God of War could be the definitive version of the Norse adventure. Players should just beware of truly cursed mods, like Atreus’ uncanny face swap.

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God of War will release on PC on January 14, 2022.

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