July 12, 2024


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Tapu Sena contacts a loan shark

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In today’s episode, Tapu suggests getting a loan from a moneylender, but they must mortgage something to receive the loan, and the moneylender is a loan shark. They all start thinking about what to mortgage to get the loan. 


Gogi recommends mortgaging Sona’s gold chain, but she refuses. Goli suggests that he will mortgage his laptop, which costs 1.5 lakh rupees. 


Sona still believes that telling the truth to Bhide is preferable to weaving lies. Tapu then devises a plan to donate pocket money to repay the debt. Sona instructs Goli to reconsider before taking any action. 


Goli becomes a little emotional since his parents gave him the laptop a week ago merely to make him happy. Goli claims that they have no choice but to mortgage his laptop. Pinku stops and asks whether they are certain that the moneylender will lend them money by mortgaging electrical things. They attempt to contact the moneylender to see if he will mortgage electrical devices.


The loan shark tells them of the terms and conditions under which he will lend them the money. Bhide and Madhvi talk about Tapu Sena, and he calls Goli. Goli attempts to keep everything together and tells Bhide all kinds of excuses. Bhide then calls Sona. Sona lies about Goli returning from the bank with money in a short time.


They all debate how to leave without catching Bhide and Madhvi’s attention. Tapu Sena intends to visit Bhide and keep him engaged in conversation.


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