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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Revealed At The Game Awards 2021

Texas Chainsaw Massacre will get a new game by Gun Media as revealed at The Game Awards 2021, introducing Leatherface to its horror series.

Horror fans will face off against another classic demon in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which was announced during the pre-show for The Game Awards 2021. Like Friday The 13th, it appears the new horror title will focus on multiplayer gameplay, with players avoiding Leatherface as he hunts a farmstead with a chainsaw. The preview footage showed the first look at Leatherface’s design as he leers into the camera, showcasing a terrifying and realistic style similar to Friday The 13th.

While the premier didn’t include any active gameplay, the location of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game appears to be as remote as Friday The 13th, with players likely running around a farm from the original film. Because the title is based on a true story, the horror elements could also include a narrative from the historical source material, adding to the atmosphere of the game. While the realistic graphics of the trailer are atmospheric, it is unknown at this time if the same graphics will be used in actual gameplay.


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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre premier hasn’t confirmed how many players will be active at one time, or what the full map looks like, but it is possible the gameplay will feature over-the-shoulder gameplay similar to Friday The 13th, as well as multiple environments around Leatherface’s farm. Currently, there is no information on what the primary story will be, or if there will be an overarching narrative outside of facing off against Leatherface with friends. Currently, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s official website has limited details outside of the premiere trailer, but will likely add further information in the coming months.

According to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre premier trailer, the game has been confirmed to be based on the real events surrounding the creation of Leatherface and the movies. This seems to imply that the game itself will use historical information as well as inspiration from the original films in its gameplay.

While it is possible The Texas Chainsaw Massacre could release during 2022, there has been no official release date announced during the premier trailer or on the game’s website. The game also doesn’t have a list of potential platforms it will be available on. However, it is likely it will be released on PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5. Despite the lack of details, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will likely be an exciting addition to the libraries of horror fans, and will add another way for players to survive classic horror villains in cooperative environments.

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