July 18, 2024


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TikTok users baffled by ‘amazing’ hack for unlocking an iPhone with just your voice: ‘This is brilliant’

TikTok’s latest technology hack is showing users one way how to unlock an iPhone without putting in a password. Apparently, you just can use your voice.

It’s the latest iPhone hack to spread widely on the app. In recent months, users have also shared tips for “scanning” photos, screenshotting entire web pages and “secretly” listening to conversations. 

This new trick comes from user Frank McShan (@frankmcshan), who runs a popular page for tech tips. His video, which has nearly 3 million views, shows iPhone users how to unlock their screens using Apple’s accessibility features. 

In the clip, McShan quickly breaks down how to do it. 

To start, go to your phone’s accessibility settings, then activate voice control. From there, click on “Customize Commands” and select the option to create a new command. 

Then, click “Action” and select “Run Custom Gesture.” From there, you can program the gesture to select the exact spots on your screen where you’d put in your password. It’s as easy as clicking the screen in order, just like you do when you type in your password. Then, you’ll be prompted to give a voice command, like “open” or “unlock.”

For many iPhone users, the trick won’t work if your Face ID or Touch ID settings are activated. Also, as Gadget Hacks points out, users with iOS 14.6 and later should be able to get in even after their iPhone has been powered down or restarted. 

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TikTok users were surprised and impressed by the hack, calling it both “brilliant” and “amazing.” 

“Fire. I just did mine,” one user wrote.

“This is brilliant,” another added.

However, some users also pointed out that the trick could be a bit of a security risk. 

“Defeats the whole purpose of a password,” one user claimed. 

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