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Trek To Yomi is Devolver Digital’s Answer to Ghost of Tsushima

Side-scrolling slasher Trek to Yomi is drawing comparisons to Ghost of Tsushima after getting a brand new trailer at the PlayStation State of Play.

A trailer for Trek To Yomi, a new samurai game from Revolver Digital, has been shown as part of PlayStation’s March 9th State Of Play showcase. Due to its visuals and story, fans have already begun to draw comparisons with Sucker Punch’s Ghost Of Tsushima.

Trek To Yomi is a side-scroller by Revolver Digital, which follows Hiroki, a lone swordsman who takes a vow to his dying master to protect his town and loved ones from a variety of impending threats, ranging between fellow swordsmen, and more supernatural beings. Much like many games in Revolver Digital’s catalog, the game’s visuals were heavily stylized, in this case resembling a classic samurai film in the vein of Kurosawa’s classics such as Yojimbo.


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Due to this trailer screening in PlayStation’s State Of Play, Trek To Yomi has already drawn comparison to another PlayStation title, Ghost Of Tsushima. Sucker Punch’s 2020 title also followed another lone samurai fighting to protect his land. The black and white visuals furthered the comparison to Ghost Of Tsushima‘s “Kurosawa Mode”, which offered gamers the chance to play the game with black and white visuals, Japanese audio, and subtitles. Unlike Ghost Of Tsushima, however, this style seems to be the default for Trek To Yomi.

Trek to Yomi also deals with supernatural elements, with the synopsis for the game mentioning that its story involves its protagonist voyaging beyond life and death as part of his journey. To further on this element, the State Of Play trailer revealed sequences where Hiroki has to fight ghosts and zombie-like enemies. This supernatural element is something that wasn’t massively covered in Ghost Of Tsushima‘s core story, which was quite grounded and followed Jin Sakai and his inner conflict as he strayed away from the honorable samurai code and became the legendary Ghost in order to fend off a Mongol invasion, but could be found when looking for legend side missions around the island to unlock new weapons or abilities, and was expanded upon in the later added Legends online co-op mode.

Despite the latest trailer for Trek To Yomi being part of a PlayStation showcase, the game will not be exclusive. Revolver Digital had previously announced Trek To Yomi in June 2021, and confirmed that it will be released in 2022 across PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, and will be coming to Xbox Game Pass. This allows Xbox players who were unable to play Ghost Of Tsushima due to its exclusivity, and PC players who are still awaiting its rumored PC release the chance to enjoy some stylized samurai action.

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