June 13, 2024


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What are the features of recruiting apps?

Earlier, the recruiting process was taking place without conducting an in-person interview, but now things are totally different and with the advancement of technology, steps are being taken continuously to make recruiting a quicker and smarter process. According to some Survey’s, about 90% of job seekers make use of mobile devices to browse for recruitment agency apps in order to get new job. They use them for searching open jobs on the free job posting sites, receiving alerts, tracking their application status, connecting with recruitment teams and even for filling up their application form. 

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are investing in recruiting apps to scale up their business and stay competitive. The decision of investing in recruiting apps will be a smart move for you as a business owner if you want to ascend to the top. That’s why this article will guide you with some important features that recruiting apps provides. 

  1. Make use of strong searching and data parsing:

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) allows you to read multiple files, it makes it easy for you to quickly search through all the documents whatever terms you are searching for regardless of how the candidate submits their information. Without using an additional app you can easily search, optimize, view cover letters, resumes and other documents. You do not need to sort through a stack of paper resumes to come to a decision which candidates you should consider. With the help of a recruiting app, you can automatically enter this information into a database, and you’ll be able to search ‘Drivers’ in your app to see a listing of potential staff once you need to hire drivers.

  1. Benefit from automation:

Recruiting apps allow you to automate things, you can also automate response emails on your recruiting app and keep your candidate on the loop. Recruiting apps also take the burden off your shoulders to keep a track of candidates, confirm their background check and schedule interviews. It gives you time to focus on examining candidate information and interview responses. 

  1. Streamline data collection from candidates: 

For instance, if you have posted an advertisement for driver jobs in  Bangalore, a recruiting app can gather useful data from your candidates and then analyze it to better your recruitment process. You can also collect other information like the number of people who viewed your advertisement, candidate response and the total number of applicants who applied for the get filter out the undesirable applicant’s when you have all required information of aspiring candidates. In these apps, you don’t have to deal with those candidates who are just time wasters or who don’t fall under your required criteria. 

  1. Cloud-based recruitment: 

It provides a way around the problem of having everything stored somewhere you can all get to it. Whenever it comes to transferring endless applications, job descriptions and client communications, recruiting apps will eliminate the unnecessary back and forth. It helps in increasing productivity and diminished administrative costs of business of all sizes. It also can be accessed anyplace through any device, which provides a lot of flexibility to recruiters and hiring managers alike.