September 24, 2023


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Elden Ring Invader Interrupts Weapon Trade, Steals Dark Moon Greatsword

An Elden Ring invader managed to interrupt a weapon trade between two players, then ran away with the much-coveted Dark Moon Greatsword.

An Elden Ring invader made off with someone’s prized Dark Moon Greatsword after interrupting a weapon trade between two players. Elden Ring invaders come in two forms – non-playable characters who pop up throughout the open world and other online users. Both can turn the already challenging game into a nightmare, especially if the invasion kicks in at just the right – or wrong – time. Of course, some fans have already found a way to reduce the chances of being overwhelmed by the glowing red enemies.

One player discovered a flail trick that allows the Tarnished to cheese their way through a battle with certain NPC invaders. Meanwhile, someone else recently shared footage of their successful attempt at mimicking an NPC Soldier to rid themselves of a PvP invader who knew no better. But instead of doing away with an annoying PvP invader in Elden Ring, a pair of unsuspecting users were robbed of their best by a dastardly sword bandit.


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Typically, tricks the invaded pull on their invaders in Elden Ring are what make the rounds online. This time, however, the PvP antagonist gets the last laugh. Twitter user Shikas (via VG247) shared a video of themselves invading someone’s game while they were in the process of trading weapons with another user. Before the two allied traders can complete the transaction, Shikas’ interruption catches their attention. Thus, both players stop what they’re doing and go on the offensive. An ill-fated move. While the trading players prepare to do battle, Shikas runs around them and snatches up the Dark Moon Greatsword that was being passed along. Another quick run around the area also allows the PvP invader to grab an upgraded Sacred Relic Sword. Evidently, Elden Ring now runs rampant with thieves.

Let this be a lesson to all weapons traders in Elden Ring – if invaded mid-transaction, retrieve your stuff before running headfirst into attack mode. As evidenced in the tweets above, invading players have no problem taking advantage of those in a vulnerable situation. Admittedly, though, those dual-wielded Dark Moon Greatswords do look incredibly awesome on Shikas’ Tarnished.

Elden Ring hit store shelves late last month and has already found incredible success on the market. In less than three weeks’ time, the latest FromSoftware adventure managed to move more than 12 million units worldwide across PC and consoles. FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco aim to expand Elden Ring beyond games, too, meaning multimedia adaptations of some kind likely sit on the horizon.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Shikas (via VG247)

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