April 13, 2024


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Hurry, you can still save almost $400 on the best Dell laptop

Dell laptops are a popular pick amongst PC aficionados, and for good reason: They pack quality components into stylish form factors, making them palatable for just about anybody looking for a good computer. However, Dell products aren’t always the cheapest, which is why discounts such as the ones cropping up now, around Cyber Monday, are so important.

This particular discount is a big one: You can save $250 on the new XPS 13 laptop, then bump the deal up another notch by using a 10% off “SAVE10” coupon at checkout time. In total, you’ll be looking at $372 in savings. That’s a heck of a lot of cash to save on a machine that usually floats right around the $1,500 mark.

As to why you would want the XPS 13? Well, how about this: We ranked it as the best Dell laptop of 2021. It has a sumptuous 16:10 display with minimal bezel, an understated overall design philosophy that’ll blend in with virtually any setting, Thunderbolt 4 support, a capable battery life, and lots more going for it.

Dell Xps 13 Touch Laptop Rose Gold Se Crop

New Dell XPS 13 | $372 off

Been waiting on a machine with a killer 16:10 display, classy form factor, respectable battery life, and all the other perks that make Dell laptops some of the best on the market? The XPS 13 is here for you, packing a nearly $400 discount in honor of the incoming Cyber Monday festivities.

$1,097 at Dell

However, the new XPS 13 is far from the only great Cyber Monday Dell deal or Cyber Monday laptop deal in general. Even though we’re not officially at Cyber Monday yet, plenty of brands are already going all out in a dogged attempt to out-sell each other and keep the sales momentum going from Black Friday. So stay vigilant and keep it tuned to Windows Central for news about all the best deals as they appear over the next few days.

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