July 23, 2024


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Poolesville holds one of the largest national drive electric events

One of the largest National Drive Electric Week events raising awareness about going electric, was held Saturday in Poolesville, Maryland.

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More than 200 electric vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and even a Montgomery County Police Mach-E Select Mustangs, were being featured in a showcase at the annual Poolesville Day event.

Part of the daytime event filled with a parade, entertainment, food and a car show was meant to highlight the climate, clean air, and cost savings benefits of driving electric cars.

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“This event is all about EV education to those who aren’t EV owners,” said Joyce Breiner, executive director of Poolesville Green Inc. which sponsored the event along with several other community partners.

Together their mission is to connect, inform and inspire county residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment and live more responsibly.

“Montgomery County recently came out with a climate action plan of getting to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035,” explained, Montgomery County Climate Change officer, Adriana Hochberg.

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“Over 40 percent of our gas emission comes from transportation including the gas powered vehicles that we drive, so electric vehicles are the future.”

Poolesville’s electric vehicle display was part of the 11th annual National Drive Electric Week (NDEW), which is a coast-to-coast celebration of electric vehicles.

“We want to help make it more affordable for Montgomery County residents and businesses to purchase or lease and an electric vehicle,” said Hochberg.

“So later this year, we are going to be launching the electric vehicle purchasing co-op to do just that.”

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