June 9, 2023


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Senior Technology Training Program helps older adults in Greensboro get comfortable with technology

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – The technology at our fingertips is changing faster than ever.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up especially through the pandemic, from scheduling a doctor’s appointment to paying bills.  

It makes everyday tasks a challenge for some senior citizens. 

A group of 15 older adults graduated from the first-ever Senior Technology Training Program in Greensboro on Saturday. 

“I felt like I needed this class because of COVID,” said Jannie May, a graduate. “I felt very isolated and I did not know how to, I knew just enough about technology to be dangerous.”

The pandemic pushed May to take technology more seriously. She didn’t have anyone to turn to for help.  

“My grandchildren were off in college,” she said. “My husband is not a technology person, he still uses the flip phone, so I felt like I had the weight on my shoulder to make the appointments, to do the virtual visits. I felt very alone.” 

Almost everything, from scheduling a doctor’s appointment to picking a spot for the COVID-19 shot was online.  

“I just knew enough technology it took me four and a half hours to book three appointments for a COVID-19 shot,” May said. 

She even had issues working her new television. 

“I found out the smart TV was smarter than me,” she said. “It’s no point in having the technology if you do not know how to use it.” 

That’s why she decided to sign up for the program. 

“When they first started, they were nervous, scared, they didn’t know the on and off button,” said Laka Rhodes, the program director for the Organization to Provide Equal Access to Technology. “The ones that did they were scared to even push it.” 

Rhodes told FOX8 the course gives older adults a breakdown of how computers, cell phones and the internet work. It includes turning on the device, downloading an app, posting on social media, and even placing a takeout order.  

“The laptop they received, they learned on it,” she said. “It was the key functions, how to browse the web, the chrome and Google, it was also how to get to certain sites.” 

She saw their confidence grow and their skillset sharpen during the four-week program. 

May and her other classmates walked away with the ability to use technology to their advantage.  

“Don’t be scared of technology,” May said. “Don’t be scared to hit a button and that it’s going to erase your life or delete your files, just get in there and play with it.” 

The month-long course is $100 but covers the cost of a Google Chromebook that participants keep. 

The class meets at Trotter Active Adult Center at 3906 Betula Street in Greensboro. The new class begins this week.

For more details and to reserve a spot contact Rhodes at 919-279-0091 or [email protected]

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