December 5, 2023


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The 2021 Hyundai Veloster N Now Comes Standard With the Must-Have Performance Pack

From Road & Track

Hyundai released details today for the newly refreshed 2021 model-year Veloster N, going over all of the changes made to the car to keep potential buyers interested. The biggest differences is the addition of an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission to the option list—something we first heard about back in 2018. But there is another substantial piece of news: the Performance package, previously a $2100 option, is now standard.

If you’ve read anything about the Veloster N before, you’ll know the Performance pack is a must-have when ordering one new. It bumps horsepower from 250 to 275, and adds an electronic limited-slip differential, larger-diameter brakes, and 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in model-specific Pirelli P Zero tires. Much like the Corvette’s Z51 performance package, it represents a fantastic value for money proposition.

Hyundai also published a few neat details about its new in-house-developed dual-clutch, which uses an electric oil pump to circulate transmission fluid and keep things lubricated. Opting for the DCT over the standard six-speed manual gets you a dedicated launch control system and an overboost function that temporarily ups torque from 260 to 278 lb-ft for a maximum of 20 seconds.

Also standard for the 2021 Veloster N are a set of lightweight sport seats that save 4.4 pounds over the previous units, and come with illuminated N logos embedded into the backrest. An eight-inch infotainment screen and a host of driver assistance features have been added as well.

As for pricing, a Hyundai spokesperson told Road & Track updated numbers for the 2021 Veloster N won’t be finalized until October. With the Performance package now standard, we’re betting the car will see a noticeable price hike, but will likely stay under the $30,000 mark.

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